API special laboratory

Measurement is knowledge.
Especially in the field of deposit control, chemical analysis for problem identification is unavoidable.

Interdisciplinary cooperation
In the API lab, chemists and microbiologists work hand in hand to get all the influencing factors safely under control.

Methods such as FTIR spectroscopy, UV spectroscopy, HPLC, trend analysis and microscopy, applied by a competent laboratory team with years of analytical experience lead to reliable results.

We investigate your samples, for example, for surface bacteria counts or bacterial inhibition zones.

Product development
New products are developed in the laboratory. The tailor-made formulations made specifically to the customer's requirements are thoroughly tested before they are used in practice.


API-Additives for Paper Industry GmbH
Seestraße 19 · A-5162 Obertrum am See



Tel.: 0043 (6219) 20340
E-Mail : api@api-paperchem.at

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