Pitch and stickies control in the stock

The problem
Both in integrated paper mills and in packaging paper machines using wastepaper, adhesive contamination on the machine clothing (formation wires, press felts, and in particular drying wires) lead to breaks, holes and spots.

Our results:

  • Higher machine availability due to less breaks and cleaning shutdowns.
  • Increased paper quality due to less spots and holes.
  • Best compatibility with your waste water treatment plant.
  • Customized applications tailored to your needs.
  • Highest safety thanks to state-of-the-art application technology.
  • Excellent price-performance.
  • Compliance with the relevant standards (BfR, FDA, BPR, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, etc.).


  • Inhibition of stickies:
    APIPHOB, APIFLEX and APIFIX product series
  • Hydrophobic minerals
  • Activated bentonites
  • Stickies fixation
  • APIFIX product series
    Products based on PAC, PASS, poly-DADMAC, polyamine, etc.

Our application experts will be glad to advise you in the selection of suitable technologies.


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